Spotify Suffers Multiple Outages In January As Hundreds of Employees Receive Layoff Notices

Spotify Suffers Multiple Outages In January As Hundreds of Employees Receive Layoff Notices

Spotify has experienced two major outages in the last few weeks, coming shortly after a significant downsizing of their staff. With hundreds suddenly without jobs and customers unable to access tunes, this difficult period for Spotify shows no signs of letting up.

Social media users were not pleased about the recent outages experienced by Spotify. The streaming giant responded to concerned customers via its “Spotify Status” Twitter account, revealing that technical problems began on January 13th and continued into yesterday.

Spotify Status wanted to ensure a quality listening experience for all users and quickly addressed any potential problems that arose yesterday morning. Thanks to user reports, the team was able to act swiftly and effectively resolve the issue in under an hour!

As the dust settled from Spotify’s abrupt policy change, disgruntled users quickly voiced their plans to seek out more music-friendly platforms like Apple Music. In an attempt to win back frustrated fans, Deezer took a stab at wooing some of its lost followers. Interestingly enough though, many listeners made it clear that they only stick with Spotify because of one specific podcast – The Joe Rogan Experience!

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In a tumultuous time for the music streaming giant Spotify, days after announcing 590 layoffs, users were met with two separate outages. Although no connection has been made between these events at this point in time they are certainly worth noting as prior to the first outage of 2023 there had not been an incident since March 2022.

Despite the uncertainty of current times, Spotify continues to remain reliable in providing customers their favorite tunes. Its user base is now bigger than ever with an even larger selection of music content ready for streaming anytime!

Spotify Suffers Multiple Outages In January As Hundreds of Employees Receive Layoff Notices

Last week, Spotify saw an unprecedented amount of streaming as more people than ever tuned in – and it paid off. Miley Cyrus’ “Flowers” topped the charts with the highest number of streams over a seven day period so far on the platform!

This afternoon, Spotify confirmed that the 30-year-old had shattered her own record by racking up well over 100 million additional streams across the past seven days. Additionally, “Shakira Charts” indicated on Friday that the Colombian singer-songwriter had become the first Latin artist to surpass 72 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

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Although Bad Bunny has broken numerous Spotify records and maintains a steady level of popularity, Shakira remains the queen of streaming services with 72.53 million monthly listeners!

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