Spotify settings for better listening (Updated)

all Spotify settings for better listening

Spotify is a great music streaming platform that allows people to listen to their favorite soundtracks and playlists. Now it moves towards each user with awesome features and settings. Majority of Spotify users have no knowledge about its settings. This platform allows you to adapt and customize several settings. So you can enjoy your music fully using several Spotify settings, from audio quality control to automix.

If you haven’t customized Spotify settings recently, then this guide is totally for you. Today, I’m going to talk about several settings of Spotify to make your music experience joyful.

1. Change Storage Location For Downloads

If you’re facing the problem of running out of your internal storage and want to download the songs from Spotify. Then you’ll be happy, when you hear about this delightful setting. This Platform offers you a way to move saved music and files to an External SD Card and even into USB (when connected to mobile through OTG).

  1.  To use this setting you first need to launch the Spotify app
  2.  Click on the setting option at the upper-right-corner. 
  3. Then, drop down and tap on the Storage category, then choose SD card. 
  4. At last, you’ll have to promote that by clicking on OK.
  5. Congrats, all your music stuff including files is stored in External SD card.

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2. Normalize Volume Level

 To figure out the volume and make changes in it is quite easy. You’ll be  glad when you know Spotify allows you to regulate base volume according to conditions.

But, here we talk about how to normalize volume level. So let’s start

1 Launch Spotify app.

open Spotify app

2 Tap on settings in the upper right corner.

go to settings

3 Now click on playbacks.

go to playbacks

4 Then you need to enable normalize volume.

enable audio normalization

5 Go back to home home screen.

go back to Spotify home

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3. Audio quality

Many people have no idea about that, they can customize each and every Spotify settings that suit their mood, from streaming (Wi-Fi or data) to download.

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What are the types of audio quality?

Spotify offers you five awesome options to adjust or change audio quality: Automatic, Low, Normal, High and Very High.

As the name shows Automatic is the default volume level. Using which Spotify will select the extreme level of audio quality without disrupting your listening. The higher Kbit/s reflex that you can listen to outstanding audio quality with more bandwidth and data. You’ll require larger internal storage to download high quality music

Remember, internet connection stability is the most important factor that depends on audio quality. 

How to Change Spotify Audio Quality

To adjust streaming quality on Spotify on Android and iOS, follow the steps given below.

1 Launch Spotify app on Android or iOS.

Open Spotify

2 Click on the settings located at the upper right corner.

tap on settings

3 Drop down and click on audio quality.

go to audio quality

4 Now you can adjust the streaming quality that you like.

choose your desired sound quality

4. Spotify Gapless Settings

Gapless playback means soundtracks and music seamlessly flow into new ones without pausing(mixing of two tracks).

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To listen to live or old music on Spotify, Gapless feature is default. To activate it switch right to on beneath the cross spade.

gapeless settings

Spotify Automix Settings

Spotify Automix is a neat little trick. It takes a bunch of tracks — some from you, some from Spotify’s curated playlists and mixes it all together into one master playlist. Just select songs that you like from multiple genres and Spotify will mix them up, adding new songs from your existing favorites.

 How to enable Automix setting in Spotify

Here is how you change the automix setting in spotify from 0 to 1. Go to Settings – Playback & Audio – Playback options (also referred to as Advanced) – Set automix to On – Set automix volume to 90. That should be all.

Spotify Crossfade Settings

The Crossfade feature on Spotify allows you to play two songs at the same time, and fade between them. When both songs are from different artists, the algorithm behind the feature is designed to find the “perfect balance of contrast between songs,” according to Spotify’s product lead, Matt O’Dell. But that’s not the only way to make crossfading work for your playlist. Here’s how to get a little more control over your mixes.

For the Spotify crossfade feature, you’ll have to add specific songs to the playlist, which should be in the same song group, in order to begin the process of crossfading the tracks.

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