Download Spotify++ for iOS [No Jailbreak] March 2023

Spotify++ for iOS

Are you a music lover? Do You want to have the most exquisite collection of the most amazing songs of all time? If yes, then you will be in dire need of an application that provides you access to your most lovable songs. You are at the right place in search of that amazing application. The application about which I am talking is Spotify. It has free and premium versions and Spotify++, through which you can access all premium features of the this Application free of cost.

In my previous post, I shared Spotify Premium APK for Android . Using which you can enjoy Premium features of Spotify without paying any penny on your Android device.

Through Spotify Plus Plus you can use to get access to millions of fantastic songs. And you can also create a playlist of your most favorite tracks.

What is Spotify ++

Spotify++ for iOS

Spotify ++ is the modified form of premium application designed for users who can’t get a paid subscription. It is designed to combine features of the free version and premium APK to provide free access to all the features to the users. The free version has some limitations, but this modified application gives you access to all the fantastic features like No Free Ads, Offline Tracks, Unlimited Skips, and early access to the latest music without paying any penny. You just download the modified version and enjoy unlimited sensational tracks and create a playlist of your own choice.

Download Spotify++ for iOS

There are a lot of ways to install Spotify plus plus, plus but, here I am going to Share the easiest one. Downloading and installation of this APK is not a difficult task. So, You don’t need any technical knowledge. This installation method is pretty simple you can easy to do it.

STEP 1: Firstly open your Safari browser. Next, you need to tap on the below “Download Configure” button and just download the configuration file.

first step to download Spotify++ for iOS

STEP 2: Now when the file downloading is finished you’ll see a popup message on your iPhone where you need to tap on the close button.

second step of downloading Spotify++ for iOS

STEP 3: Now go to your device settings and open the file you just downloaded click on this, done! After downloading the application, go for its install option and press it. You may require to type your security Passcode if it asked you to do that. Then click on next, then press Install. Again press on install.

STEP 4: When app valley installation is completed then, return to the home screen & find “app valley” then open it and look for “Spotify Premium ++” and now press on the “Get” option, Now a pop-up appears here you need to tap on to “Install” button.

3rd step od downloading Spotify++ for iOS

STEP 5: As installation completes, open the Spotify Premium APK iOS . If it shows Apps developer not trusted message, go to the setting and enable the option of trusting the developer to get access to the application.

Features of Spotify++

Features of Spotify++

Some amazing features that make Spotify APK highly regarded as the best music streaming are:

Ads Free Music

The most irritating thing you face while using any webpage or application is the popping of free Ads. The Free Version of the Spotify application also has a problem, but Spotify++ iOS offers you all the premium features without these Free Ads. Thus, you can enjoy the most amazing tracks without being interrupted by these free Ads. It keeps your focus, and you can thoroughly enjoy your music.

Download Songs

This app offers you to download your favorite music without any subscription charges. You can download your favorite tracks and create your own playlist to keep listening to these amazing songs from time to time. Most live streaming applications do not offer these tools, but you can get access of them in Spotify APK iOS.

Access to Unlimited Music

Spotify offers unlimited access to the latest launched tracks you love to listen. It has an enormous collection of tracks and podcasts. This tool has taken music lovers to the next level as they can search for music from this massive collection anytime.

No Jailbreak

Mostly, iPhone users think it’s not possible to install this APK on their iPhone without jailbreak
but, that’s not. Because Spotify Plus Plus iOS have no such issues. You can easily download and install it on your iPhone/iPad .So don’t worry.

Unlimited Skips

Spotify APK offers you unlimited skips while choosing the music. The Free Version of this application gives you a few limited skips. But it gives you unlimited skips to choose the best track.

Unlock Spotify Connect

You can use Spotify Premium application on most of platforms like Android, Mac, Linux and Smart TV. No matter which type of device you are using, Spotify ++ will organize your data in all devices. You can also control music and volume with another device remotely.

Free Of Cost Subscription

One of the most important features of Spotify MOD APK iOS is that it offers all the services that can be accessed through a premium subscription. A Free Version of Spotify is also available, but it has certain limitations. You cannot get access to the tools through the free version of this application. But this modified APK offers you all premium features without spending a penny.

Support All iOS Versions

Spotify application support all iOS versions. So, you can use Spotify APK on all types of devices to get free access to a massive collection of music. Moreover, it offers high-quality live streaming to give to high-quality content.

Car View

If you are music lover and loves travelling, it’s difficult to change music while driving. Spotify ++ offers car mode options to change songs while driving. Convenient for the music lovers.

Spotify is a digital music streaming service that gives you access to millions of tracks and other content from content creators worldwide. It has about 80 million tracks and 4 million podcasts in its gallery. Its vast online music collection allows users to listen to the most amazing songs anytime. Besides choosing most favorite songs, it also allows users to create a playlist of their favorite collections. What makes it such a success, reasons are

Listen to the Right Music and Podcasts

Spotify’s massive collection of 80 million tracks makes it the king of online music. All tracks are of high quality and updated from time to time so that you can access the latest songs. Like a regular music streaming service, you can find any music track just by entering the song title, artist name, or the album’s name. You can find songs of any type like classical, Pop, Jazz, and Rock. The free version offers you songs in blended form, but with a paid subscription, you can get access to original tracks of your liking.


Based on your history and music listening habits, Spotify suggests songs you may like and add to your playlist. These suggestions are designed on your mood and genres. When you tend to open Discover Weekly, you will see songs you have not listened to yet but will probably like to listen. It sends notifications of your favorite singer’s latest hit tracks or albums, which you will love to listen.

Enjoy music in scenes

Spotify editors enable you to get the natural feeling of music tracks by designing them according to your mood. For Example, on a rainy day, you can tap on a piece of quiet or pure music to feel life’s calmness and beauty of life, and at a party gathering with friends, you can go for party hit music to ignite the joyful moments.

Pros and Cons of Spotify


  • It provides us easy access to a massive collection of songs and albums.
  • You can share your favorite tracks with your friends while connecting to other platforms through Spotify.
  • Free as well as premium features of Spotify can be used on Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android smartphones.
  • Spotify provides a free trial through which you can access your music as well as it gives you six skips to choose your favorite song.


  • The sound quality for the free version is not as good as compared to the premium version.
  • Premium Subscription is very expensive; whether you use it or not, you have to pay from time to time.
  • Although being the most prominent music streaming platform, Spotify is still not available in many countries.

How to Use Spotify on iOS device

You can use Spotify on iOS by just installing it on the iOS device and enjoy free and premium subscriptions. For installation, you need to follow the following steps.

  • Go to the App Store and search Spotify Application from the store.
  • Tap on the cloud icon and let the application to be downloaded.
  • After installing Spotify, you can log in by creating an account or through Facebook or a Google Account.
  • After Login, you will have to Choose at least three singers in your playlist.
  • After selection, you can use Spotify to listen to your favorite tracks. You can also change the singer’s playlist according to your music genre.

Is Spotify Premium Deserves its Premium Price?

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming platform that is used by millions of music lovers around the globe. It has a massive collection of amazing music tracks and podcasts. It offers freemium as well as premium subscriptions. Freemium subscriptions may have few limitations, but still it is awesome music listening platform. The multiple Premium Plan with exquisite features catches music lover’s attentions.

Spotify Premium Subscription plans are more or less same as that of other music streaming platforms but its worldwide access and massive collection of latest hits makes it worth mentioning. Spotify users can’t imagine of switching to other platforms. The curated Playlist, the radio stations, its flexibility and free tier gives Spotify edge over its competitive platforms. Moreover, addition of Spotify Connect, Spotify Duo Plan and own Podcast Subscription Platform makes it the best music streaming platform. As a single album price is $9.99, So why should you invest on a single album as Spotify allows you to access every growing album at the same cost.

How to Upgrade from Spotify Free to Spotify Premium

If you want to upgrade from Spotify Free to Spotify Premium plan you need to follow following steps.

  • Go to through web browser. You can upgrade your free account to Premium through any browser.
  • Sign in to your account and Log in by following on screen instructions. It you don’t have Spotify account, then Sign Up to create account.
  • Click the Profile Menu and then the Account menu.
  • Scroll down and Click on Subscription.
  • After that click on the TRY PREMIUM Free, if you haven’t used 30-day free trial version. If you have already use the Free Trial, then go for the PREMIUM PLAN.
  • Select PREMIUM OPTION. The Standard popular version of Spotify Premium cost 9.99$/month, but you can choose from STUDENT PLAN, FAMILY PLAN or a DUO PLAN.
  • Enter your payment details as required. If you choose STUDENT PLAN, you will have to verify your Student Status before entering payment options.
  • Click on START MY PREMIUM button. Your Spotify membership will be upgraded to Premium Plan immediately.


Spotify APK is the modified form of the Spotify premium application, which gives you access to all premium music listening tools free of cost.

Spotify Premium is paid subscription of music live streaming, whereas Spotify APK offers you all premium tools free of cost without any limitations.

Yes, We Can access to all premium tools by installing the Spotify APK to unlock all amazing features free of cost.

No, Spotify Free version only offers limited skips for choosing your favorite songs.

Spotify Plus Plus does not requires any third party platform to access its premium features.

You can download songs or albums from Spotify free iOS APK platform as long as they are in your liked songs list or playlist.

You can play any song or album anytime on any device like PC, Tablet, Mac Book etc.

No, you have to uninstall the App Store version of Spotify in order to get the Tweaked version i-e Spotify Plus Plus.

  • Spotify Plus Plus gives you free of Cost access to all the premium tools, which can only be accessed by paid subscription.
  • It offers you Ads Free services as well as unlimited access to the music collection.
    • No third party Software (Jail Breaking) is required to get access of its premium services.
  • Premium subscriptions of this application are much higher, which may not be affordable for everyone.
  • Although Spotify is the most extensive music streaming application, it is still unavailable in some countries.

Final Verdicts

Suppose you are a music lover and want to have your collection of the most fantastic soundtracks of your favorite superstar, then you should go for the Spotify application. It has a free, premium as well as a modified version. The free version offers limited services, whereas the premium application is the paid version with many premium tools, but its subscription is costly. Spotify ++ is a modified version of a premium subscription that offers you all premium tools free of cost. Most amazing features like Free Ads services, Multiple skips for choosing the best songs, and access to unlimited music make it the most fantastic music streaming application.

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