Spotify Is Launching to Sell Concert Tickets on its Platform

concert tickets

Being the most incredible music streaming platform to a ticket-selling agent. Spotify has launched its own Ticket selling website for the listeners, rather than referring to other vendors or external ticketing firms. It has been a test rather than a full commercial launch. Spotify has been a source of launching exquisite music hits that you dreamt of, but the craze of watching an artist performing in front of you has no substitute. The representative states that the company will be selling tickets on behalf of third parties, which may include event promoters, fan clubs, or artists, which also means that Spotify will not be setting the prices of the tickets.

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To get tickets, you will have to Login to your Spotify account and click on the event for more information like entry points and show times, headliner and Supporting acts, age restrictions, ticket prices, including booking fee. Once the pre-sale ends, Spotify refers the user to the Partner site from where they can buy the tickets.

concert tickets

On the launch of this amazing platform, the company stated, “At Spotify, we used to test new products and ideas to improve our user experience. Some of these ideas end up being success stories, and the others seem to be the learning experiences“. The test launch is to be held in the US, and seven artists, Annie Di Russo, Tokimonsta, Osees, Dirty Honey, Limbeck, Crows, and Four Years Strong, have confirmed to be part of this expansion.

A theory behind the expansion was to determine whether Spotify could widen its involvement in pre-sales while selling the tickets. Selling tickets on behalf of the artists to enhance their income will be a reputation- booster for Spotify at a time when the artists are thinking of being part of other platforms due to music streaming royalties. Spotify can also offer the services of ensuring the sale of tickets to genuine fans rather than the touts by listening to history.

Spotify’s decision to launch ticket sales was due to the partnership of other streaming platforms with ticketing firms i.e. Tic Tock and Snap joint venture with Ticketmaster. Spotify has already been involved in Pre-Sales through Fans First, in which Spotify works with artists to send exclusive messages to the users. There may be some concerns as Spotify already have several partnerships with ticketing firms like Ticketmaster, AXS, Dice, Eventbrite, and See Tickets.

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It is expected that when the website will officially be launched, Spotify will move all its gigs which are currently part of the newly revamped live event page, to its new ticket platform. Currently, some events listed on the page will still use the ticketing partners, while some are directly available for purchase from Spotify.

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