Spotify HiFi Price Predictions, Will Spotify HiFi Get Cancelled

Spotify HiFi

Spotify is one of the most amazing music streaming platforms all around the globe, which gives music lovers access to the most exquisite music tracks. The freemium and premium plans give you access to the music catalog free of cost as well as in budget-friendly plans. With the growth in the music industry, more music platforms were launched to facilitate music lovers. These platforms offer exceptional services to enhance their audience.

Spotify has been offering quality features, but audio streaming seems low compared to newly launched platforms that offer HD and Ultra HD music streaming. There was a need to upgrade Spotify and launch High-quality audio streaming services that would offer lossless audio. Spotify HiFi was designed and was in the plan to be launched to offer high-quality streaming services. In this breakdown, I will be sharing the features of Spotify HiFi and its possible launching.

Spotify HiFi

Spotify HiFi is an upgrade designed to provide high-quality music streaming to users. With competitor platforms offering HD and Ultra HD streaming and lossless audio streams. It was necessary for Spotify to launch high-quality audio streaming features to compete with other platforms. According to Spotify, “high-quality music streaming” was the most requested new feature for the users. It will allow Spotify Premium subscribers to upgrade their membership. so that they may be able to listen to much higher quality and lossless audio streams over Spotify connect.

The initial idea of Spotify HiFi was shown in 2017 to create a high-quality music streaming service for music lovers. On 22nd February 2021, the company officially announced that they will be going to launch Spotify HiFi by the end of 2021. But till now, we don’t have any news when this upgrade will be going to launch. There was also a concern about whether it will match the existing lossless audio-providing platforms like Tidal, Qubuz, Amazon Music HD, and Apple Music. Moreover, Apple Music and Amazon are offering lossless streaming for no extra subscription charges.

Spotify HiFi Release Date

In February 2021, Spotify promised that they will be going to launch Spotify Hifi in 2021. The announcement makes us believe that the launch will be expected at the end of 2021 rather than immediately. As the year was near to end, there was hope that Spotify Hifi would be launched as a Christmas gift, but now comes 2022, and still, there is no Spotify Hifi.

Spotify finally responded to the queries on its community forum by saying,” we are fully aware of the importance of Spotify HiFi for music lovers. We feel the same and are extremely excited to deliver this amazing upgrade to the Premium users. But we don’t have the timing details to share with you. We will be going to update you from time to time”. So frustratingly, we have to wait for more for the launch of this amazing music streaming giant.

Why Spotify HiFi Hasn’t Come Yet

Spotify music streaming platform
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Spotify HiFi was expected to be launched by the end of 2021, but still, there is no confirmation. Whether it will launch in 2022 or we will have to be more patient. On launching failure, Spotify’s Spokesman said, “The service was caught in licensing negotiations and added that Spotify is in constant dialogue with the music labels about bringing this amazing feature to the market.”

There were strong hopes that the feature would be launched soon when a Reddit user spotted a HiFi icon in their Spotify iOS application. But hopes have been diminished so many times, and we are still waiting for it. The release date may also depend on the type of device you are using. It will deliver high-quality streams through Spotify Connect. So it is possible that newer Connect devices could get the HiFi upgrade before certain older devices.

Price Predictions

The subscription plan of Spotify HiFi will be an important factor for its growth and uptake. The streaming giant hasn’t yet announced the prices. But based on the stiff competition of the rival platforms, the plan will be near to other competitors. A couple of music streaming platforms are offering CD-quality subscription costs of 9.99$ per month to 14.99$ per month. Apple Music’s new lossless and high-resolution streaming tier is free for all Apple music subscribers. Tidal, which has recently launched lossless streaming, is offering these premier features in a standard plan subscription.

Amazon Music, the most budget-friendly high streaming platform premium plan, costs 12.99$ per month for prime members and 14.99$ per month for non-prime members. Then Amazon decided to make its Amazon Music HD plan free for all Amazon Music listeners. Thus reducing the subscription plans up to 7.99$ to 9.99$ for its prime and non-prime members. The premium plans for standard quality streams of Spotify costs from 9.99$ per month for Basic users to 14.99$ per month for the family plans.

When you consider the context and rival competitors. Most analysts expect the premium plan of Spotify HiFi may lie between 15$ per month to 20$ per month. Rival competitors hope that premium plans will be nearer to the latter amount, I-e 20$ per month.

Free Trial

Spotify free trial
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Spotify and its rival music streaming platforms offer a free trial on their premium plans. Spotify already offers a 30-day free trial on the Spotify Premium plan; Amazon Music HD offers new subscribers a 90-day free trial. Tidal offers a 30-day free trial, and Deezer offers a 30-day free trial on its premium services. Therefore, what may the premium plans cost? There will be some sort of free trial for the HiFi users for both Spotify Premium users looking to upgrade or the new Spotify users. Who may be away from Spotify services due to a lack of higher quality streaming.

An important thing is” keep an eye on this page, as I will alert you in case of any news regarding the Spotify Hifi free trial.”

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Streaming Quality

The music streaming offered by Spotify Premium subscriptions varies from 160Kbps to 320 Kbps. Whereas the music streaming in lossless format or HD format may range from 1400Kbps to 2000Kbps. Spotify HiFi will offer music in lossless audio format with CD quality, for which the music streaming rate is 1411Kbps; therefore, it will be an amazing addition to the Spotify family.

Spotify hasn’t yet revealed the details of its higher-quality streams. But it’s worth mentioning that in 2017 when Spotify HiFi made its official debut, premium subscribers were offered 1411Kbps music streaming. The HiFi version of Tidal streams at 9216Kbps, whereas other platforms like Amazon and Qubuz also offer high-resolution streaming. It will be unlikely to offer high-resolution audio. As it has already pegged HiFi as CD-quality rather than higher than CD-quality. Apple Music offers three tiers of high-resolution streaming as CD quality(16-bit/44.1KHz), Apple Music lossless(24-bit/48KHz), and Hi-Res lossless (Up to 24-bit/192KHz).

Spotify has not revealed whether it will follow the footsteps of competitors like Amazon Music, Tidal, and Apple Music. In their support of new audio streams such as 360 Reality Audio tracks and Dolby Atmos Music.

Device Compatibility

Spotify device compatibility
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Spotify has confirmed that CD-quality streaming will be compatible with Spotify Connect, which is the easiest way of playing music streams from the native Spotify application on a phone or a tablet to a connect compatible device over wi-fi. The finer details regarding Spotify Connect compatibility have not been revealed yet, but it is assumed that Spotify HiFi subscribers will be able to play high-quality streaming between their devices like mobiles and PC’s and ever-increasing Spotify Connect-enabled speakers, TVs, and audio Systems.

Spotify Connect has been one of the most popular music streaming features. Therefore, the majority of networked streaming devices should support the protocol. Spotify’s representatives say,” We are working with some of the world’s biggest speaker manufacturers to make Spotify HiFi accessible to as many music lovers as possible through Spotify connect. Are we going to see Spotify HiFi launch alongside high-end-Spotify-branded Speaker? We will be finding out very soon.


Spotify music catalog
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Spotify has a massive collection of more than 80 million music tracks and 4 million podcasts, but how many of those tracks will be available in CD-quality to Hifi subscribers. The company has not released any information regarding the Hifi catalog collection, but it will likely be in millions to challenge its rivals. For Example, Qobuz claims to offer the most extensive catalog of CD-quality lossless and High-resolution albums, which are nearly 60 million. Moreover, Amazon Music HD claims to have a collection of 60 million songs in HD. There is no reason to think that Spotify will not be offering a massive whooping collection.

Spotify’s music streaming platform is not only known for its massive music collection. But its catalog is among the smartest and most versatile. Its popular Discover Weekly feature uses Al and Machine learning to generate a playlist of 30 songs. That are relevant to your listening habits, so there is no doubt the HiFi will be offering very high-quality CD content for music lovers. The company has also invested heavily in podcasts, including Renegades: Born in the USA, featuring Barak Obama and Bruce Springsteen. The updates will be coming soon about Spotify HiFi, but one thing is for sure, the competition is not going away.

Will Spotify HiFi Offer Spatial Audio

Spatial audio is a 3D technology that helps create a more fascinating soundscape by using head-tracking to have a theatre-like experience. With Spatial audio, the sounds can be placed anywhere in the hemisphere. As with high-resolution audio, Spotify has not revealed anything about the Spatial audio. Which means the tracks have been encoded with 3D surrounding effects. However, the Spotify competitors like Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Tidal do offer Spatial audio tracks in its format. Like Dolby Atmos and Sony 360 reality Audio. Spotify may have Spatial audio plans, yet they have not been revealed. But by the time, now, Spotify lacks features of Spatial audio as compared to its major music streaming rivals.

Will Spotify HiFi Get Cancelled

Spotify has been known for rejecting the high-profile features that never quite took off. And achieved the desired results, so there may be a possibility that if Spotify HiFi may not be able to compete with its competitors, it might get canceled. For Example, Spotify recently pulled the plug on Car Thing. A small touch screen display that you could install on a car dashboard. For on-the-road Spotify streaming to enjoy your most favorite music tracks. Spotify said they closed production due to product demand and Supply chain issues.

Spotify also has a history of constant testing and experimentation to bring out new creative thoughts to expand its organization. During this testing process, new features can disappear or even can reappear without any explanations. But with Spotify seeming willing to cancel features that are not working, it also likes to experiment. And Spotify HiFi could be the project that Spotify is looking to tinker with indefinitely.


Spotify offers more audio quality setting than Tidal, including a low-quality setting. That streams at 24Kbps for those who wants to save data plans. However, Tidal is ahead due to its HiFi and Master Audio quality setting, which streams music at 2306Kbps to 9316Kbps.

HiFi will offer music in lossless audio format with CD quality, and music streaming can be up to 1411 Kbps. Which is much higher than Spotify Premium, which streams at a maximum of 320Kbps. Therefore Spotify HiFi can be an excellent upgrade to Spotify Premium

Final Verdict

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming platforms that has been the ultimate choice of the music lovers. Over the last few years, many music streaming rivals have offered exquisite features to music lovers. To compete with these rivals, Spotify plans to upgrade its premium services and offers high-quality music streams. Which was the consistent demand of music lovers. Spotify’s upgrade, namely Spotify HiFi, made its official debut streaming music at 1411Kbps. Which was an awesome feature for Spotify users. The Spotify HiFi was expected to be launched by the end of 2021. As announced by Spotify owners in February 2021. But it was not launched in 2021, and still, we are waiting for the music streaming giant.

The features and Premier Services of Spotify HiFi were not officially revealed. But it is obvious that the streaming platform will offer exquisite services. And Spotify lovers will not be needing any other platform for listening to their music tracks. Moreover, it will be competing with its rivals that have been launched after Spotify but offering sensational features to enjoy high-quality music. Spotify may also have the habit of nixing high-profile features when they are not competing, but Spotify HiFi seems to be the project they are willing to keep tinker indefinitely because, for them, they have created an exquisite platform, and it will succeed.

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