Spotify discontinuing selling car things

Spotify new decision to car things discontinues

Spotify, a global streaming organization introduced a car thing in April 2021- designed for people who want to make compatible with cars without Bluetooth. Also, allow users to access Spotify accounts to listen to soundtracks and playlists through a separate screen.

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As this car thing feature is voice supported, it allows fast access to your soundtracks just by saying ” Hey Spotify “. This features benefits for those who want to make connections with cars, although they’ve no Android Auto and Apple Car Play installed in their vehicle.

Note: user will only interact with this feature when he has a connection with Spotify application on Android or iOS.

If you think that your money can’t meet the Car thing price, then don’t worry about That is because Spotify reduced its price to $49.99(44% discount) from $89.99.

“understand in-car listening, and bring audio to a wider range of users and vehicles. Based on several factors, including product demand and supply chain issues, we have decided to stop further production of Car Thing units. Existing devices will perform as intended. This initiative has unlocked helpful learnings, and we remain focused on the car as an important place for audio.”

I think it’s the best chance for a Spotify lover. So buy it and think you aren’t buying much more than paper. Spotify is doing this because Car things aren’t selling as much as Company hoped. So that’s why Company sells its product at a discounted price. And bear a loss of $31.4M in discontinuing the project from the market.

Update from Spotify about car things

Spotify didn’t stop here, it’s always looking for collecting listening data from car things it offers. So it continues to sell car things as long as supply stops. Although, people didn’t take interest in such hardware things at such a price tag $89.99. Spotify claims the product  will sell more at a price tag of $49.99.

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