Spotify And Samsung Partnership 2022

New partnership between Spotify and Samsung

Samsung started a joint venture with Spotify in 2018 to be the go-to music streaming application for the Samsung devices. This initiative was started by Samsung after its own Milk Music Streaming service failed, which meant it didn’t have its own direct answer to Apple Music. Since the joint venture, the partnership of Spotify and Samsung seems to be made in heaven, it has allowed Samsung users to connect their devices to music that will never be going to stop.

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 With such amazing success Samsung again expanded its partnership with Spotify in 2022 for joint collaboration on several cross-platform integrations, including Samsung Phones, Earbuds, Watches, and Smart TVs. The deal also includes the Pre-installation of the Spotify app on Samsung Galaxy Phones and Smart TVs. Some amazing features that Spotify will be going to offer Samsung Users are

Spotify Group Session Support

The Spotify Group Session offers its Premium user on Android devices to start listening to Sessions during the Phone Call. When the Google Meet Call is Started, the host can tap on the ‘Three Dots ‘ menu on their phone. There will be an Option to Start listening to the live Session with up to eight friends so they can listen to music while talking to each other.

New partnership between Spotify and Samsung

Seamless Listening on Galaxy Watch

Samsung’s latest Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro support seamless listening. Now with just a few very simple voice commands, the watch can now play music tracks, pause podcasts, and raise or lower the volume using Spotify and Google Assistant on the Wear OS application.

Samsung Galaxy Earbuds

Samsung’s latest Galaxy Earbuds 2 Pro has a feature called Spotify Tap. This Feature of Spotify allows you to play your favorite music hits instantly with a quick tap. If you have your most loving playlist of exquisite music hits and want them to be available to you with a single tap, Spotify Tap will offer you this premier service.

Free Trial of Spotify Premium

Spotify Premium is also going to expand its Three Months Free- trial to new Samsung users. Anyone who buys a Samsung smart TV or a Galaxy smartphone in 2022 can claim this exquisite offer of a three-month free trial of the Spotify premium plan. This offer is available in more than 80 markets around the world. This offer will be available to users who have never used the Spotify Premium subscription plan.

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No Renewal for HW- MS650 Sound bar

Despite having an extended partnership, Samsung has not been able to renew the Spotify connect license for its HW-MS650 Sound bar due to customers complaining of being a bug rather than a premier feature. The company confirmed that it wasn’t a bug, but their Sound bar will no longer be supporting Spotify connect after the expiry of the license. Moreover, the company doesn’t plan to renew the license, thus putting an end to the most incredible feature of the HW-MS650 Sound bar.

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