Is Spotify Premium worth it? Should you pay?

Spotify streaming on mobile

Is Spotify Premium worth its premium price? Does Spotify Premium deserve its premium price? Know what features Spotify provides you and you should upgrade from Spotify freemium. I think it’s a complex task for everyone to choose between Spotify Free and Spotify premium.
If you’re a Spotify freemium user then you must know Spotify offers you a huge music library, discover and enjoy a lot of features, glossy interface, and many more.

Sometimes you must think that my hard-earned money is capable of spending on a Premium subscription, or it’s better to enjoy a free plan. Let’s know what each trail offers, and choose the best plan for us.

Benefits of Spotify Free

Spotify free lets you know the Spotify platform without paying anything, with some
limitations. For that, you need a Spotify account (simply log in through Facebook or Gmail). You can access Spotify on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac through the official app and evenly through the web player.

Spotify free music all over the world

On Mobile, it’s a little bit extra restrictive. Using iPhone and Android Spotify provides you a
massive music library but you’ve to listen to every single song due to automatic shuffling. You can’t be able to choose songs. However, certain playlists allow you to choose.

On the desktop, You are free to choose your favorite artists, playlists, prod-casts, albums, and the songs you dislike. You’ve not bound to any restriction apart from ads. If you own social
teatures then you’re free to checkout which music your friends like.

On iPad and tablets, you enjoy all the features the same as on a desktop. You can’t
enjoy an ads-free experience but, you can listen to everything you want. On iPad and tablets, you enjoy all the features the same as on a desktop. Your car enjoy an ads-free experience but, you can listen to everything you want.

Spotify free support ads, means you’ve to face ads during listening. Using Spotify freemium you can only skip six songs per hour, which mean you can’t skip songs when you wish. You can enjoy audio steering quality at a limited extent of 160kbps using the freemium version. Also, you’ve to go online to listen because you can’t download songs.

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Benefits of Spotify premium

For a reasonable price to upgrade to Spotify premium you know all about Spotify because here it glows. Spotify premium allows you to access a massive music library of the world without the distraction of ads that suit your mood. It doesn’t matter where you are, be into your Android, iOS, Windows, or any son’s system. Let’s explore premium features that force you to spend on a premium trail.

Ads free

Ads annoy almost everyone. It distract you frequently when you are listening to your
favorite music, keeping this view in mind Spotify also releases its premium trial to relieve its user. When you upgrade from free then this is the foremost feature for you, through which you can enjoy your favorite songs fully. When you use the Spotify freemium you may face ads that interrupt your music experience.

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Unlimited Everything

All of the people who use the free version of Spotify know that we skip only six songs per
hour, but Spotify premium is different. Because this subscription removes all the limits, you car
listen to countless songs of your favorite artist free of cost. There are more than 60 million
songs available on this platform which increases with time. Besides, you can listen to songs from several countries in different languages.

Download music offline

This is another premium feature of Spotify that allows users to download songs. You can save
your favorite songs. In this way, you can save your internet data. When you are free, you can
listen to music without the internet.

High Quality Streaming

While using Spotify freemium you can’t able to listen to high-quality music. if you wish to
Listen to high-quality music then a premium subscription to Spotify is best for you, Using which you can listen to music in crystal-clear clarity (320kbps Music).

Upgrade to Premium

Premium Plan to listen music that suit your mood

While using the free version you can’t listen to the music of your choice and listen to offline
music. Till you can unlock all the magnificent features of Spotify in just $9.99.
Spotify premium provides you with four tiers of plans: single, duo, family, and student. you can cancel each when you wish.

Spotify premium Single

The classic single Spotify Premium subscription costs 9.99$ per month. It allows the users to enjoy ad-free music, unlimited shuffle and skips, and high-quality audio.
Spotify Premium Duo

Avail Spotify Duo if you are married

This is the most popular plan of Spotify premium because of the duo mix features. The duo plan costs 12.99S per month. It allows two users to get two Premium accounts at discounted price

Spotify Premium Family

Premium family to enjoy music together

The family plan proves best in terms of price and advantages, it allows up to six premium accounts in 14.99S. Using Spotify premium family plan users can get access to premium accounts(people living in the same area).

Spotify Premium Kids & Hulu

Spotify for youngster listener

The Spotify premium student is accessible for students in 4.99S(50% discount for students presently enrolled in college and university). it offers a student ad-supported Hulu plan in addition to the Showtime subscription.

There is a different app developed specifically for youngsters that makes the adult users superior control the content that youngsters will be able to access. Spotify premium student plan comes with several features. The student plan is very attractive, because it comes with a Full Showtime Spotify premium subscription and supported Hulu subscription.

Note: you must have enrolled in college or university.

Spotify premium free trial

Free Trail to enjoy music free of cost for 1 month.

Usually, Spotify offers its users a 30-day free trial. Although, currently Spotify premium a 3
month free trial is made available by Spotify. This offer made Spotify one of the most generous platforms all over the world. Later, when the free trial expires, the price renews at a regular 9.99$ a month. Yes, the free plan isn’t accessible for those who already tried premium. Recently, Spotify was available for just $0.99 in the UK and US. But, currently, this offer is not available.

Is Spotify Premium Worth it?

Should you invest on Spotify Premium or not?

Spotify Premium offers four Subscription plans ranging from 4.99$ to 15.99$ per month. From a student to a family plan, you can go for any of them to enjoy the most amazing soundtracks and podcasts. The most remarkable features offered by Spotify premium like Ads Free playbacks, high-quality music streaming at 320Kbps, downloading up to 10,000 songs and listening to them offline as part of the gallery, exclusive access to the latest soundtracks, Multiple skips and shuffles to choose your favorite song and sharing your playlists with your friends through social media platforms via Spotify connect makes it incredible music streaming application of the world.

Spotify Premium Plans

The Freemium version gives you access to certain features through which you can access the massive collection of music and podcasts. Still, it has certain limitations like the popping of free Ads and limited shuffles while choosing your favorite songs, and you will have to be stuckked to Spotify Playlist. Moreover, the Free version of Spotify isn’t free as developers can charge from the Ads provider; thus, you aren’t getting these services free as you have been giving them your precious time as well as watching their unnecessary Free Ads to enhance their watchlist.

How to upgrade to Spotify premium?

When you’re prepared to upgrade from Spotify free, then you can pick a couple of superb plans, based on your requirements. Remember, Spotify doesn’t allow you to change any plan via the Spotify (Android & iOS)app, to make a change in the plan you’ll need to open the Spotify website. To jump from Spotify free to the premium you’ll need to follow some effortless steps whether you’re a new or old user.

1. Go and log in to the Spotify website on the web browser.

2. Tap on the profile menu, it’s located in the upper right corner.

3. Drop down the menu and tap on the “Account” option.

4. A new screen will appear, Drop down and click available plans.

5. Tap the “Select” button on the trail you want to upgrade.

If you want to enjoy your favorite songs fully, then Spotify premium is an extraordinary place to invest. For a reasonably small amount (that you paid for one album per month) you get an ad-free experience, high-quality audio streaming, and the ability to save music offline.


Is Spotify Premium better than Apple Music?

The two main music streaming apps are currently competing for your hard-earned money. Both Spotify and Apple Music offer different features that they believe will win you over.

Spotify is known for its large library of over 50 million songs and podcasts, while Apple Music offers access to more than 75 million tracks. They both offer ad-free listening and the ability to skip tracks and playlists, as well as curate personalised playlists based on your listening habits.

What are the cons of Spotify?

Despite the many benefits of Spotify Premium, there are some drawbacks to consider. Firstly, while you can access millions of tracks with a paid plan, some tracks may be unavailable due to licensing restrictions. This means that your favorite songs might not always be available to listen to. Additionally, you can’t download any tracks or albums to your device, meaning that you’ll need an internet connection in order to listen. Finally, if you’re looking for a higher-quality version of songs, Spotify Premium won’t be able to provide that.

Final Verdicts

For every music lover, it’s worth every single penny. Because huge music libraries all
over the world are available & updated in just a single click. To make every moment
perfect without ad interruption, and access to massive soundtracks, and artists, I think the
minor cost of a premium subscription doesn’t irritate you. $9.99 per month premium trial fee isn’t much more, it’s a good deal for each music lover. As a single album price is $9.99, So why should you invest in a single album as Spotify allows you to access every growing album at the same cost.

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