How to transfer Spotify playlist to Apple Music

How to transfer Spotify to apple music

There are several methods to transfer Spotify playlists to Apple Music, but in this article I’ll show you the easiest technique to do this task effortlessly. Spotify is a music streaming service that allows people to listen to their favorite songs and albums. But, it doesn’t support all of your favorite playlists. If you’re interested to transfer Spotify playlist to Apple Music. Follow these steps:

To transfer your music library you need another party application. So, first you need to download Free Your Music. Because it’s the king in the field of applications that transfer music playlists, It allows you to effortlessly move your Spotify playlist to Apple Music. Let’s look at this Website.

Download free your music

You can easily download this program from the browser. As the above picture shows it supports all devices(Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS and even Linux), which means it supports all users. 

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When you’ve downloaded Free Your Music, you don’t need any technical knowledge for its usage. You just need to follow 4 simple steps to transfer Spotify playlist to Apple Music.


Choose Spotify as a Source

Step 1 to transfer music from Spotify to Apple Music

Select your existing Spotify platform as a source and begin to share with FreeYourMusic.


Choose Apple Music as a destination

Step 2 to transfer music from Spotify to Apple Music

Pick Apple Music as a platform at which you wish to make a playlist. In just one click you can do everything you want via FreeYourMusic.


Choose playlist for a transfer

Step 3 to transfer music from Spotify to Apple Music

Locate tracks, prod-cast and albums you wish to transfer from Spotify platform to Apple Music and choose all the songs you need to share.


Confirm your operation and done!

Step 4 to transfer music from Spotify to Apple Music

Congratulations, your Spotify songs and playlists have been transferred to Apple Music. Now you can enjoy your songs fully on another music streaming Service you love.

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