How to find new music on Spotify (12+ ways)

How to find new music with Spotify?

As we all know, music tastes are as unique as our fingerprints. But there are some things you can do to help broaden your musical horizons and discover some incredible new songs that you never knew existed.

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming platforms on the Internet. But there’s more to its popularity than meets the eye—Spotify actually has quite a robust algorithm for curating the music it recommends to users.

In fact, Spotify uses machine learning to curate music for each individual user based on that user’s listening history. And unlike traditional methods of music discovery, this approach helps Spotify to discover music that users haven’t heard before, but may love. While the traditional method of searching for new music is quite limiting, Spotify’s recommendations give users more options to explore and enjoy.

Spotify has released its new mobile application version with a number of handy features. The new version makes finding, listening to, and sharing music on-the-go much easier than before. Users can play songs via Bluetooth audio streaming, browse for albums, artists, and songs. The app includes the Spotify Discover Weekly playlists, an easy way to discover new music.

Search for New Music

You can also search for new music. Spotify has over 20 million songs, so you’re bound to find something you like.

Search songs for finding new songs

Find New Artists

You can also search for new artists. Spotify has over 20 million artists, so you’re bound to find something you like.

follow artists using Spotify

Explore the Spotify Community

You can also explore the Spotify community. There are a lot of people who are happy to help you find new music, and you can even connect with them.

Create a playlist

Once you’ve explored your options, it’s time to create a playlist. You might want to think about the type of music you listen to, and whether you’d like to listen to it in the car, at work, or at home.

click on playlist

Share your playlist

You can share your playlist with friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You can also share your playlist on Spotify.

click on share option to share playlist

Explore new music

Once you’ve explored your options, it’s time to explore new music. You might want to look for new music on Spotify On Mobile, or on a desktop computer.

Reading Music Blogs

Music blogs are great sources for finding new music and discovering what’s popular. Many of these sites provide reviews and recommendations, making it easy to find the type of music you’re looking for. Some popular sites include Pitchfork, Stereogum, and Rolling Stone.

Searching by Mood

Spotify offers a feature called “mood radio” which allows users to search for music according to their mood or feelings. This is a great way to explore new genres and styles without having to actively seek out specific songs or artists.

Listening Radio Station: Listening to online radio stations can be another great way to discover new music. There are many different types of stations, from classic rock to EDM. This can be a great way to find music outside of your usual preferences and broaden your musical horizons.

Participating in Music Challenges

There are many online music challenges available for those looking to discover new artists and songs. These challenges involve listening to different types of music, such as jazz or hip-hop, and rating them on various parameters such as tempo or energy level. By doing this regularly, you’ll gain an understanding of what sort of music you like and can then use that knowledge when searching for new tunes on Spotify.

Listen to the music

Once you’ve found the music you want to listen to, it’s time to listen to it. You might want to make sure you’re listening to the right music, and that you’re enjoying it.

listen songs on Spotify

Use Spotify’s Discover Weekly

You can use Spotify’s Discover Weekly feature to discover new music. It’s a weekly playlist of new music that Spotify recommends to you.

Live Sessions

Live sessions are great for discovering new music and getting to know the bands in your area. Local venues often host live sessions at various times of the year, so be sure to check them out. You can also find live session recordings online on sites like YouTube and SoundCloud.

Music Festivals

Music festivals are a great way to discover new music. Many festivals provide free or discounted tickets for those who want to experience a wide variety of genres and artists in one location. Plus, you get to enjoy the atmosphere! If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try attending an international festival?

Exploring the Charts

Exploring the charts is another great way to find new music. By browsing the popular songs and albums, you can get a sense of what’s trending. Plus, you can explore the related sections to find new artists in a certain genre or style.

Following RockStar Playlists

Following RockStar playlists is another great way to find new music. The app gives you access to curated playlists from some of the biggest names in music – giving you an insight into their taste and helping you discover new music quickly. Plus, it’s free!


How can I find a specific artist or album? If you know the name of an artist or album, you can use the Search feature.

How can I share music with my friends? You can share music with your friends by going to the “My Friends” tab on your Spotify account page.

How do I create a playlist? Click on the Add button on the bottom of your home screen.

How do I delete a playlist? Click on the Delete button on the bottom of your home screen.

Final Verdicts

Spotify is one of the greatest tools you can use to discover new music. And I’m not just talking about songs you can listen to on the app. Spotify is a platform for musicians to promote their music. With it, you can connect with other musicians, book shows and events, collaborate, manage your online presence, share your music, grow your fanbase, and get paid. In addition to being a music discovery tool, Spotify is a marketplace where musicians can sell their music. From indie artists to big artists, we are committed to helping musicians grow and succeed. We’ve built Spotify into one of the biggest markets for independent artists, so we know exactly what it takes to build success.

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