Drake Proposes Spotify Offer Bonuses to Artists for Thresholds

Drake stepped up and proposed an inspiring solution to motivate the next generation of artists. He suggested that, similarly to athletes who receive bonuses for consistency and competitiveness, musicians should too! In Drake’s words: “Send me a Lebron-sized check – I have enough dinner plates!” Here is one way he believes we can support emerging talent in the music industry.

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Spotify, along with other major streaming services like Apple Music and Amazon Music are leaders in the music industry – boasting over 200 million subscribers. However, despite these impressive numbers, many musicians have yet to receive fair payouts for their streamed tracks on digital service providers (DSPs). As a result of this ongoing issue, the Union of Musicians & Allied Workers has been tirelessly advocating for higher royalties across all platforms where artists’ work is heard; which makes up an unexpectedly large chunk – 83% -of overall recorded music revenues in the United States!

Drake Proposes Spotify Offer Bonuses to Artists for Thresholds

Platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and TIDAL have developed an innovative system of royalty disbursement. These services join together the subscription funds earned each month into one large sum to be divided according to streaming numbers — if Drake was responsible for 8% that same period, he would receive 5%, shared between himself and his record label or publisher.

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Despite Spotify’s impressive milestone of one billion streams per month, music makers still only receive an estimated payout rate of just under half a cent for each stream. UAW is pushing to raise the pay rate up to a full penny but so far their calls have been met with resistance from Spotify itself due to funds going towards rights holders. Apple Music however manages its finances better and currently pays out approximately one cent per stream – all without variation in quality between free users or paid subscribers. Interestingly, 90% of monthly plays belong exclusively to roughly 57,000 acts on the platform proving that success can be attained through streaming services if you know how it works!